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Bob Rumba

Junior VU Associate Professor

Bob Rumba is a Midwest-based professional ventriloquist, impressionist, and balloon artist. Known for being the "class clown" in his high school classrooms, Bob Rumba was destined for the unorthodox lifestyle of being a performer.  Starting in traditional theater settings, and taking his love for performance into night clubs with his variety show that included balloons, juggling and ventriloquism. After working the nightclub circuit for thirty years, Bob started working at casinos performing look alike characters such as  Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, and Barney Fife. This was also when Bob experimented with new ways to create balloon animals.

Bob Rumba's popular lectures and workshops on voices have provided a new way for vents to approach character building for their puppet partner, ushering in creativity and originality in a new age of the art. 

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