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In this video taken from two year's ago off Landon's youtube, Landon and Bob talk on 'Ideal Inspiration' for ventriloquism voices and developing unique puppet characters. 


About Your Professor:

Comedian, Impressionist, voice over talent, ventriloquist, character voice creator, and more! Bob Rumba is Landon Harvey's go-to creative consultant when it comes to voices and developing unique characters that give Landon the edge he has in ventriloquism. 

Bob got his start with the likes of Judy Tenuta and Emo Phillips in the 70's Chicago comedy club circuit. Now, with years of experience and a comically altered perspective, Bob provides 'vents' with creative ideas as it relates to publicity photoshoots, comedy material, and a range of ideas that can be occupied through the cartoony lens of a puppet build and puppet manipulation. 


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