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Dennis Lee-Ready, Set, Show!
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Dennis Lee was the first ventriloquist I (Landon) had ever seen. Watching his show captivated my heart and sparked a love for ventriloquism that I would pursue from that day forth. I am honored to have Dennis Lee Productions as part of  Ventriloquist University, and know that this lecture brings so much value to those wanting to enter the school show market through vent. 

About Your Professor:

Dennis Lee is an award winning ventriloquist, comedian, musician, author, and inspirational speaker who has been entertaining people since he was 10 years old. He specializes in shows geared towards families and young children. From an early age he was interested in bringing characters to life in ways that are both funny and entertaining. In 1986 he won the international ventriloquist competition, and from there his career really took off. Since then he has produced 56 DVD’s and now conducts 450 shows a year.




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